Every Night More Light

Every night more light
and so on tomorrow
and tomorrows beyond.

What if we did this all the time?

What if the original oil had kept burning?

What if it never really stopped?

How would we know & where would we look for it?

What if we
are the oil
and the wick
and the fire


so that all we have
to do to make it alright
to fix it all right
is to blaze on high
to seek others
to inflame
to shine on
together and bright?

In a darkening world
every fighting bit
of kindled light
is a miracle.

We all have the ability
(the responsibility?)
to bring light,
to rise up, ignited
in the face
of its absence

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as a force of goodness,
a reservoir of kindness,
a pillar of gentleness
a wellspring of righteousness

in dedication,
to an unwavering desire
for the reign of Love
to rule the superlative realms
of every single moment
for all of creation as one.

Natural darkness
extinguishes no light;

light alone—
alive beyond the demise
of its starry source —

defeats all darkness.

If you’re capable,
you’re obligated.

Be the oil,
be the wick,
be the light.


Image from Flickr.