Someone Gave Me A Microphone


Someone gave me a microphone
A platform, A canvas
To paint with my words
A brush filled with letters
I think, over and over
What power
What power

To create and destroy
These letters
Strung together
Can build or break
Could inspire
or chos v’shalom insight hate

So I sit in hesitation,
Contemplating this decision
Can I use this invitation
as a Kiddush Hashem?
Before I begin
I ask of him:

Let me be a channel
and channel your truth
Let me be emes
And use this guf
to speak in ruchnius and light
make a revolution that brings Moshiach
not chos v’shalom empower the other side

Let my art not be art
just for art’s sake
But may my art be a window
To inspiration and change

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Someone gave me a microphone
I wonder what my soul will say…

*nb: Today is Yud Shevat, the day in 1951 that the Rebbe accepted and became the proverbial microphone of the Chabad Movement. Gut Yom Tov!