Word To The Mothers & Their Kids

This motherhood is the mission of a lifetime.
This being present & a’parent
a teacher
a tender
a vessel in the Temple.
The curator of an entire digital
museum worth of photos & uploads
– the mother load.

Just gazing with amazement
at the beauty created
in these small bones
and soft skin.
The impossible impeccable ten toes
that mock all the world’s miseries
with a loud resounding:
“Yes, life is glorious
and worth being born for!”

Which is all to say, I want to be like you when I grow up one day!

You are fallen from the infinite skies
like a ripe fruit
and I am the crisp basket
and the rich reaper.

The one who gets to feast on this sweet
nectar of being your mother.

I am swimming in the 4 rivers
that flow out of Eden
– all for the love of children!

You, child, birthed me!
And bathe me daily
in the salt waters
of wonder and worry
in all its infinite variety.

Wowed by your every inch.
You are my Rebbe, my God-sent,
doling out hints
of the very secrets of existence
with your crooked smile
your bright eyed wiles.
I am wild with you, my child.

Sleeplessness has never been so effortless!

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You, dear bliss, make me into a goddess
a “God-Is”!
For you have made me more godly.

I might have birthed you – but you have created me
into someone so much better.
Someone who cares about another
more than myself.

And Lord knows I can be selfish
to the point of astonishment
but you – you make me selfless.

You are my endless
prayer book.
I read you and weep you.

I am drunk on this love of you.
You keep me honest
and grounded and astounded.

You are my prayer shawl
and I am wrapped deep
in this ritual of motherhood

So thank you, child,
for birthing me.