So What Are you Gonna Do With All That Freedom?

Let’s face it, we are histories latest greatest liberals liberated.
We are a people of endless means
to do and be
whatever the F (and F stands for freedom)
that we want to be.

We are free to craft our wildest self-styled-est set of dreams
as we walk amid twins pillars of miracles
that burst through Material’s endless seems.

With our AC cloud by day
and our TV blaze by night
we hear DVDs of symphonies
on chariots of SUVs…
But did we get the message right?

We are whatever we want to be
But who do you chose to be?

Are you a mere pioneer of more-pleasure
questing forever for dollars?
Run rampant with devices
whose mechanics entice us
to sit on our classes
not learning the lessons of the hour set before us…

But let’s get schooled something glorious.
For the purpose of all this
unprecedented & historic
The singular purpose,

Our task is to have impact.
God won’t ask if we stood with the great
but if we sat
with the broken at the back.

Did we align our greatest wants
with the world’s direst needs?
Did we use our undeserved freedom to serve humanity?

let us DESIRE service
like a smoker smolders for a cigarette,
like a drunkard hunkers for a drink.
Let us become addicts of attentiveness
to the world’s grittiest Needs.

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For “Let my people go!”
is not the rally call
the movies tell you so.

-Not for our man Moses.
His divinely-given vision ends
not just with freedom
but freedom with a mission.

So go ahead and finish his sentence…

“Let my people go
…that they may serve Me.”

Read your Bible & your Eric Fromm.
For the point of true freedom
is freedom to
not just freedom from.

Freedom to be holy
Freedom to obey Highest Decree.
Freedom to be servants
not of Pharaohs but of the Cosmos
and the hoboes, the hungry, the mean.

So don’t replace your past master
with another king in a castle
but be a vassal to the sky.

Take the stuff of this new-found freedom
and be of service
if you really want to Fly.