Ode To A Tin-Foil Kitchen

Passover Cleaning

Love  it or hate it you can’t escape it

might as well make it somethin’ sacred.


– It’s all about how you frame it.

And I’ll tell you how
cause I’ve donned the gloves and gown
and crown me with a tin crown.

Because I’m like Moses goin’ down to Egypt
this kitchen is my Pharoah
and I’m gonna defeat it
gonna clean it
’til it shines like Venus
I mean it – I’m a Passover genius.

Got my squirt bottle in high throttle
better believe it.
– Gonna cook a brisket
‘cuz I got masses on the guest list.

I’m sleepless and shameless
& this hametz is heinous.

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But don’t blame us.
We’re the world’s most famous
obsessive compulsives
on the A-list.

But matza medicates us and uplifts this
downtrodden nation of misfits.

Did I mention
I got a tin foil kitchen?
We give new meaning to anal-retention.

But you gotta appreciate the vision.
Stop your kvetchin’ over cleaning.
This is your mansion
your temple, your mission!

Scrub it with a passion
– for G!d in the details.
Were living like a fairy tale
Following bread crumbs like a trail.

So yeah Freud might say were outrageous

And diagnose us with a neurosis
but he never knew the sweetness of Shabbas
in the land that G!d promised.

Never knew how real freedom
is born out of bondage.

So start up your sweepin’
And I’ll see you smiling wide
On the other side
Of freedom.