In Memory – Parshat Bowie

Thank you, for your glam.
You lanky flamboyant exclamation
point of a man!

Did you know that your name in Hebrew
means “Come”?
Bowie Kallah – the song with which
we call the Sabbath bride.
And “Bo” so serendipitously
the Biblical portion
upon which you died.

You were forever one who Arrived.

A performer – a former
of public opinion
a  soap-boxer
of wild-whimmed-expression.

With glam and baritone
left us all
trembling like flowers
and now you are

How you harnessed the clouds
the astounded crowds
your disciples of decibels
raucous and loud.

You said come
and the world gathered around
to fan your fearless
feathered hairDos
and Donts.

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Don’t be static.
Don’t do the expected.
Don’t limit the image
in the mirror
or fear the terror
of expression
as you throw yourself
into her rippling pool of leaves.

But DO be ecstatic.
Do surrender
to the serious moonlight.

Do dream up an alter-ego.
A Ziggy Stardust of your very own.
Be a startup.
A piercing tongue.
A far-flung rebel.

If you say run, we run.
If you say “Come”
we fly.

Or to quote the master himself:
“We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”

In this final departure,
Bowie has arrived.