I’m Chaya, And I’m A Shameless Mystic

Let’s just start right here, right now. I just had my sacramental Shachris of a cafe hafuch. My 13 shekel magid-in-a-cup. And I am weeping. In public, ya’ll. On Agripas, downtown J’town, Ir Hakodesh. Fully exposed to passer-bys. Squeezing shut my eyes and praying to the good Lord to help me W-R-I-T-E. With a more-than-slight shuckle, uncensored tears, well-pushed-out-prayers…I mean, for heaven’s sake,we just went through a war-zone of a summer here!

“Please let me write something worthy, something weighty, or winged….or whatever You want…just bring it! Because we need it…bad, G!d. We got hard times here in the Holy Land, G!d. So can you please just give a hand-out to a girl busking somethin’ shameless, somethin’ shamus, on the Jerusalem street – a little silver something to sing, to bring the world a bit closer to its rightful, original & inevitable GLEAM!”

And to all you strangers on Agripas & on this here computer screen. Hello…I am an unapologetic weepy-eyed poetic Zion-lovin’ Kabbalah-quotin’ freak. And I’m done with those days of holding it back because it’s impractical, unfundable, unseemly, insane. Because, you know what, all that Jewish practicality can sometimes lead a tribe astray. Our current crazed reality needs so much more than carefully articulated practicality…it needs something more akin to PROphecy, to unabashed & impassioned creativity.

So, yes, I am going to weep – hard – here in broad day-light as I write. Because the world NEEDS WORDS BORN FROM TEARS…and I got just the female hormones to bring ’em down. For our sweet Bible teaches that it is words that create realities. “And G!d said, ‘Let there be'”…and LOOK, here it be! Let us likewise be diligent & dedicated with the words we weave.

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And this, my friends, is why I am excited to take part in this holy convocation of punctuation called Hevria. Because these writers are making the wordy realities that I most want to live in. I see you all – writers & readers alike – as holy beggars-on-computers who just want the scraps of a higher order of reality. And forgive me if I idealize you….but maybe, just maybe, this site can be a safe haven for our ideals to have room to stretch and breath and exchange recipes.

From my cafe to yours…here’s a prayer for the dedication of this Hevria space:

May it be for the good, for the great, for the lit-up sunshined Face
of the Best of what a bunch of conspiring Jewish writers can create.

May our words find grace in the Eyes on High
and all who feast upon them in this sphere online.