If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail, What Would You Do?

Perhaps you’ve noticed. I’ve become a pusher. A brainwashing, Torah-thumping believaaaah. Well, I already was that. But now I’m getting downright obnoxious about it.

Because, basically – “I am Chaya and I’m addicted to positive thinking.”

I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I birthed a baby while in a self-hypnotized state of ecstasy. (True story, read about it here.)

And then there was that incident of getting a life-dream-request answered by praying at a tzadik’s grave (click here for the fine print).

So here I go again with the latest installment of: “You can do whatever you put your mind & prayers to.”

Or Herzl’s version: “Eem Tirzu Ein Zo Agada.” If you will it, it ain’t no dream.

Or the ironic twist, “Better Think Good…Or Else!”

If you’re doubtful, you can just Google the heck out of that inner skeptic. There’s an endless winding book-shelf full of documentation that all reads essentially: “YES it is true that we can positive-think, pray and hypnotize our way into the highest of realities.”

Start here for a good read.

As for me, I just start by looking out my window.

Because I happen to live on a street that was fabricated from the recesses of Moshe Montefoire’s mind…in a country that is nothing short of the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and a billion of my people’s prayers. Modern Israel is the result of positive thinking taken to the Nth spiritual degree.

When I get doubtful of the power of positivity, I just pull out my Israeli passport and anchor into this 2000-year-in-the-making Dream Come True of a country.

Because of all this I have made a new habit of searching out wildly productive people. I love to hear just how they positive-think their way into their uber-successful world-rocking endeavors.

As such, imagine my glee when I got the chance to have one of my Jewish Sheroes over for Shabbas lunch, Lori Palatnik. Lori is the force of nature behind JWRP, a Birthright–type trip that ushers thousands of mothers (and now fathers) on a soul-journey through Israel. It’s a true Jewish future game-changer.

I was all over her with my relentless agenda. “Lori, how did you manifest this geuladik reality that is sweeping through the Jewish people?”

Of course her answer lined up perfect with my positive thinking thesis.

In short, someone posted a mind-warping question on her Facebook wall.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

The question hit her like lightning and that night she couldn’t sleep.

“I want to make sure that when I go up to heaven I will say without a shadow of a doubt that I did everything I humanly could to bring Redemption.”

This woman just reeks of fearless positivity.

“It’s like with the IDF, I just know that failure is not an option. I simply started to believe that yes, this work will be blessed by G!d. It is destined to succeed.”

And then of course she got serious about housing G!d in the details. She built a smooth slick visionary machine called JWRP.  And Voila. Thousands of lives transformed at the Speed of sheer Belief! Thank you Lori for the lesson & its deft demonstration!

My husband and I spent Saturday night on our balcony beneath the star-embroidered sky dreaming our way through this question. “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”  I am still high off of its dreamy fumes.

I have asked it of every person I have encountered since.

And so I ask it of you now. “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

Take this as an invitation. As a dare. As a demand. As a bat-kol from some high-calling level of heaven.

Stop now and squeeze out your boldest answers, my friends.

If it helps, follow this 5 Step Manifestation Manna-Feast:

  1. Envision your highest vision of reality. Dream big. Dream deep.
  2. Decide what your specific contribution to it is.
  3. Believe you are quite simply destined to succeed in this endeavor.
  4. Take 1 step in manifesting it!
  5. Pose this same query to all your friends. Sit back & watch reality warp before your eyes….


Poetic Postscript:

An essential part of my vision includes a world peopled by unembarrasable poets shamelessly expressing themselves. As such, the first step of my Manna-Feast is this poem. Enjoy and spread the good word!!!

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Breaking News:
You can not fail. Embrace this truth.
And proceed
…without caution, please.

That your fears
& insecurities
Are but beasts
That scour the Serengeti
of your wildest dreams.

They are the hard-hoofed herbivores
By the hundred-thousands
Who have trampled
Your inner-gardens.
They are free-roaming
free-floating agents of grief.

Now imagine that they have all
Suddenly, stunningly

Whole herds
Never heard
from again.

And now know that this is not just in
your imagination
but it is in fact,
not fiction
and did I mention it is written
on every thought you think
in inevitable & indelible ink.

From here on out
your hard-drive is only programmed for
Yeses and pluses.

Download this divinely inspired Anti-virus
And light the fire
Under your britches
To become the richest flyest
highest shooting tireless
version of your very blessed self.

Take the A out of BeAst
Simply Be your Best.
And you WILL Manifest
An embarrassment of dreams.

F.E.A.R is but
False Evidence that Appears Real.

Now here’s the deal…
trade in your ill-conceived worries for the
Pure gold confidence of royalty.
For you are the sons and daughters of the King.
Harness your passion and
You WILL manifest
A manna feast.


Need proof?
Just look at this valley
of dry bones
that we call home.
Ours is a Re-Start up Nation
Of bootstrappers
Who didn’t give a cr*p
what Reality said.

And excuse my language
But, dear G!d, how we have battled the ages.
Weathered every flavor of haters
Were the original species Endangered.

Downtrodden forgotten
and rooted out
but all along we just keep on bein’ all about
coming back home
and Messianic hope.

We never stopped keepin’ these laws
like a life boat – like a bad joke.

Like a devoted daughter
who would never give up on her Father.

You know why?
–          Because her soul told her so.

Because it was written in the glittering
literature of her DNA
to believe that her people would make their way
back to their homestead
back to their Bais.

Breathless, breadless, hatless, tactless.
History has kicked our atlas
But were here at last
just the way we’ve asked
with bated breathe
for countless millions worth of prayers
over 2000 years.

Were here.

Because we believed we would be.
Because our prophets had visions
and we were willing
to bet our very children
on ‘em.

Willing to give every stitch of cloth from our backs
to just make it back
and look – just like that
–          were back.

If that isn’t positive thinking proven productive
I don’t know what is.

So go graft some greatness
From your fore-mothers and fathers.

And your inner-fearless-farmer-seamstress
Will weave her seeds
Into this New Fertile Crescent of Positivity
Growin’ strong in the Middle East.
All because you have agreed
to drop that old drag of self-defeat.

All because that is what is meant to be.

And the ultimate
will be one syllable closer.

It will shimmer inevitable
And invincible
From up your sleeve.

You are the magi of imagination
Yours is the divine vision
It’s a given.
Defeat is not an option
– now DREAM.

without caution,