Bride Of The Seventh Day

We must begin eighteen minutes
before the first star visits the moon.
My dear, my soul, my heart within
we touch soon with inherited kindness
beginning at dusk.

You are my promise, my blessing!
The rough scrape of a match
the end of strife and all work
bursts into the fire of our desire.

The Elemental heart is beating:
life-life, life-life give me life, life-life
in the rhythm of eternal laws.

Blessed again in the wine
of sun filled garnet grapes
gathered for our union
at this soft moment after sunset.

Beckoning aroma and taste,
warm bread,
you rise my friend.
We end discouraged days.
Our eyes meet
and see
an intimate feast.

Your mouth, your kisses
the music of names
flames of intimacy
this separated day
your tenderness profound!

You enter my universe.
Gently we move together
we are a united soul
life is surging through us!
We are untamed!

The tension of all bondage
bursts and overflows in us
at once a sensual mercy,
an ultimate pleasure.
And we laugh!!!

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We hold each other
with uncontrolled laughter
and roll from side to side
in our embrace.

My love!
You fill all with all right
all good
all pleasure
all night.

We escape the world
still in this world
away from time and space
in this sacred place.

United in breath
our spirits soar
intimate healing harmony
profound details of delight.

Breathless, the palm frond
is barely stirring.
Painful pleasure
you make me a fountain
fleshy psalm let go
in cotton calm exhale.

My treasure, my heart
we return to our bodies
spirits enlaced knowing
the language of soaring birds,
tender loving ardor
euphoric sacred joy
Macadamia flower perfume!

All the moments of our lives
collected in this instant
on both waters
and they shimmer
above and below.

We are entwined,
Peace in this day