Rocky & The Goldstein: “A Dream” – The Hevria Sessions

As each year passes, more questions go unnoticed, less answers I have to give and expectations are often met halfway.

As I’ve gotten older,  this has been the difference between a dream and its reality.

If I’m living in a dream,  possibilities are always endless. In reality,  possibilities are only measured by their probability.

We develop goals, try to achieve those goals and either they are obtained in reality or still exist in the world of possibility, another dream.



Music and Lyrics by Rocky Goldstein

I’m gonna build me a house
I’m gonna build me a home
I’m gonna build me a family
I can call my home

All the sweat from your brow
And the seeds you have sewn
Reap them in joy
And don’t leave them alone

I’m gonna work through the night
Gonna work through the day
A man with no work
Is a man with no say

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I have everything I need
And all that I own
Is here for sometime
As a G-d given loan

The foundation is set
And the windows are in
Are they just to look out
Or can I see within?

I thought to rely
On the visions I’ve seen
If I don’t have a goal
Then a dream ‘s still a dream

You’re in or your out
You speak or you shout
You listen real hard
Or you don’t hear a word

You were born just to die
Or you grow to be wise
You can choose how to live
Or learn to survive

When the home is all built
And you’re now on your way
Just remember each brick
From the mountain it came

Remember where you come
And where you will go
If your humble you’ll learn
If your blind, you’ll fold

And when turning around
At the edge of town
Where the only road
Is pointing away

If you look there’s a sign
That’ll help you to find
The direction to go
Or where you must stay