HevriaCast Episode 21: Dalia Shusterman Returns

After taking a break for Tishrei, HevriaCast returns with its first second-time guest: Dalia Shusterman. In her first visit to HevriaCast, Dalia told us how she became a musician.  In this episode, she tells us how a rock star going on world tours started to explore Judaism, and take the road towards quitting her rock star life to get married, move to LA, and live the married observant life.

Dalia Shusterman was one of the forces behind Bulletproof Stockings, a revolutionary Hasidic all-female band, who has recently started a new project called the New Moon All Stars Party Band, another Hasidic all-female band.

Listen to Dalia’s first visit to HevriaCast here.

And find out about the New Moon All Stars Party Band here.

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Featured photo credit: Monika Lightstone Photography