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Thank you for giving to Hevria!  You have two options when giving: first is a one-time donation. We are so appreciative of these, and Elad will send you a personal message of thanks no matter how small or large the amount.

And if you donate monthly, you’ll officially be a Hevria member!

In return for giving at least $10/month, we’ll be giving you special access to new features, updates about our non-public events, a special newsletter written by Elad, and a weekly publication of all our writing of the week that you can print for Shabbat!

For $50/month, you’ll receive our “Hevria Pass” which will entitle you to come to any of our events for free, and to our class for 50% off!

NOTE: Make sure you enter the same zip code in the billing information page and the credit card payment page.

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