Announcing Hevria’s First Podcast: HevriaCast

I am beyond excited to share Hevria’s latest project with you: HevriaCast.  The idea behind this podcast is simple: we want to take you into the minds and thoughts of creative Jews.  In other words, it is a continued extension of what we do here on the blog.

Each episode, I will speak to a new guest about his or her experience creating whatever they create.  But this isn’t really an interview: it’s an in-depth conversation where we get personal and thoughtful about what we do.  In my humble opinion, this is what makes podcasting so interesting and fun: it is a truly intimate media format, one in which people can go into far more nuance and depth than almost any other form of media.

So far, I’ve recorded 5 podcasts and it’s been an absolute joy.  We’ve put up two episodes for our launch (Yitzchok Moully and Noah Lubin!), and we should be launching the other 3 pretty quickly, as we’d love to get right into the thick of our work quickly.

You can subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Play, and SoundCloud.  We would so appreciate any reviews and subscribes early on, as it helps us get in the “New and Noteworthy” sections of iTunes, which would be super awesome.  No pressure, though, we love you either way 🙂

And if you’d like to listen to the podcasts we have up right now, you can do it here:

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Thanks for listening!  And stay tuned here or on the other services for announcements of new podcasts.

PS – Big thank you to the great Darshan for letting us use their song “Voice Lessons” for our intro and outro!