Donate To Hevria

So you’re already a member, or just want to give to us once: we get it! And to thank you for considering to donate to our community, our community of writers has actually come together to offer some amazing perks, all based on their own work and skills.

From Persian cooking lessons from Yocheved to a song written just for you by Rivki, there are some very special perks here.

Of course, you can always just support us without grabbing a perk, and we’ll love you just as much 🙂

Digital download of The Upward Spiral!

$1010 of 10 available
  • Get Rachel Kann's debut album in digital form!

A softcover version of "You Sparkle Inside"

$121 of 1 available
  • Rachel Kann is offering her latest book (a children's book!) for a discounted price for one donor! Awesome!

Passover recipes that aren't horrible

$2010 of 10 available
  • MaNishtana has apparently discovered a miracle: recipes for Passover that taste good. Don't ask us what he had to do to get them. Just trust us: they're worth it.

A mix CD by Rivki Silver

$363 of 3 available
  • Remember mix CDs (formerly known as mix tapes)? Well, Rivki's on making one just for you. She'll chat with you and personalize it for your awesome self. And if you are like some of us and don't have a CD, she'll send it in digital form, but with just as much love 🙂

A Punk Jews t-shirt, sticker, and DVD

$363 of 3 available
  • Punk Jews, the legendary movie produced by Hevria writer Saul Sudin, rocked the world of creative Jewry when it came out. Watch the video that helped inspire the creation of Hevria and so much more with this special perk.

A listening session with David Karpel

$5010 of 10 available
  • Have something on your chest you just need to share? Don't know where to turn? David Karpel will offer a friendly ear for half an hour to listen to whatever is on your mind. How sweet.

Resume or essay editing by David Karpel

$1005 of 5 available
  • Get writing and/or resume help from a professional writer, teacher, and editor! David Karpel has been helping people do this work for decades, and will be a great help on your latest project!

An hour-long deep spiritual discussion with Stephanie Levine

$1005 of 5 available
  • Anyone who has read Stephanie's writing knows just how deeply awesome she is. Well, imagine being able to have that experience on the phone or video chat with her: that's what she's offering to five lucky donors!

A song written just for you by Rivki Silver!

$1201 of 1 available
  • Wait, what? That's right: a three minute song just for you. Composed by the great Rivki Silver, a trained classical musician and composer. Only one available!

Coffee date with Yocheved Sidof

$1801 of 1 available
  • Get to know one of Hevria's most popular writers, and one of Brooklyn's biggest change-makers, Yocheved Sidof! Just claim this and she'll meet you at a cafe in Crown Heights for a chat.

A framed collage by Merri Ukraincik

$1801 of 1 available
  • Did you know that Merri isn't just an awesome writer, but a beautifully gifted creator of custom-framed gifts and Judaica? For real! And she will make a custom collage just for you with this donation! Want to know how awesome she is? Check out her work at!

A personalized head scarf kit from Wrapunzel

$1801 of 1 available
  • Wrapunzel, run by Hevria writer Andrea Grinberg, is offering a very special deal for one donor only. By sending in pictures, favorite colors, and more, Andrea will work with you one on one to make the perfect head scarf just for you. Amazing!

A healing session with Rachel Kann (in LA)

$2001 of 1 available
  • If you live in (or are going to be visiting) Los Angeles, this is just an epic perk. Imagine a healing session with Hevria's own Koheness and master poet. One lucky person can have it with this donation!

Persian cooking lessons with Yocheved Sidof

$3601 of 1 available
  • Woah! Imagine learning Persian cooking from a true Persian! Yocheved Sidof is offering lessons for one lucky person who donates to Hevria.

Personal or business branding by Ayala Tiefenbrunn

$3601 of 1 available
  • Get amazing branding consultation work done by Ayala, one of Hevria's writers as well as a trained professional graphic designer! This is a great value, and only available to one donor!

One-on-one book club with David Karpel

$5001 of 1 available
  • Read a book together with David Karpel, setting a pace together, and making regular times to talk about it on video chat. An amazing opportunity to go deep into a book with a writer and English teacher!

Join Elad as a HevriaCast guest!

$5001 of 1 available
  • Read a book together with David Karpel, setting a pace together, and making regular times to talk about it on video chat. An amazing opportunity to go deep into a book with a writer and English teacher!