About Cleveland Hevria House

After hearing about the creative farbrengens in Brooklyn, and even attending one,
Rivki Silver wanted to bring that energy and community to Cleveland. There have been four creative farbrengens in 2018. The attendees come from all corners of the Orthodox community and include musicians, visual artists, writers, photographers and generally creative types.

Not long after the first gathering, multiple women approached Rivki to ask when the next one was going to be, and some of the core group of women who attend have stepped up in leadership and planning, brainstorming on how to make these gatherings even better and to reach out to more creative women. Rivki hopes to start creative farbrengens for the men in the community as well.

The effect these gathering have on the community is tangible. One of the attendees has started attended a local story hour club where she has read some of her writing. Another woman hosted a kumsitz in her home, open to the community.

In addition to creative farbrengens, this March, Hevria House Cleveland is hosting its first Variety Show, bringing in performers from Columbus and Baltimore as well as featuring local talent. Everyone is very excited to see what future developments Hevria House Cleveland brings to the Cleveland community.

Cleveland’s Leader