About Brooklyn Hevria House

Brooklyn in is Hevria’s base. It’s where we first imagined the website, and it’s also where we first envisioned the website turning into a true community in the “real world.”

Hevria House Brooklyn, located at Elad and Rivka’s home, now boasts weekly events, from creative farbrengens to classes to variety shows. But more than that, it is Hevria’s biggest investment in imagining what a community built not around artificial barriers between Jews, but around the needs of Jews who are inherently creative, could look like.

Brooklyn has been the perfect laboratory for this sort of experiment, both because of its intense creativity, as well as the deep need Jews here have for a community that breaks the mould of the ones that surround them.

If you’d like to attend an event, feel free to check out our events page as well as our Facebook events.

Our Leaders