Bulletproof Stockings: “Vchol Karnei” – The Hevria Sessions

Vchol Karnei is a traditional Chabad niggun, described as a “Lively song… sung by the Chabad disciples with intense ecstasy. The melody gives expression to the verses of the Psalmist cited in two different chapters.”  This is our take on it.


V’chol Karnei R’sho’im Agadeia T’romamno Karnos Tzaddik.
Oyvov Albish Boshes V’olov Yotzitz Nizro.


I will destroy the reign of the wicked and the power and radiance of the righteous will be elevated. The enemies of the righteous will I clothe in shame, whereas the crown of the righteous will glitter.

And a special announcement!

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Peace, Blessings & Rock ‘n Roll