Bulletproof Stockings: “Vchol Karnei” – The Hevria Sessions

Vchol Karnei is a traditional Chabad niggun, described as a “Lively song… sung by the Chabad disciples with intense ecstasy. The melody gives expression to the verses of the Psalmist cited in two different chapters.” ¬†This is our take on it.


V’chol Karnei R’sho’im Agadeia T’romamno Karnos Tzaddik.
Oyvov Albish Boshes V’olov Yotzitz Nizro.


I will destroy the reign of the wicked and the power and radiance of the righteous will be elevated. The enemies of the righteous will I clothe in shame, whereas the crown of the righteous will glitter.

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Peace, Blessings & Rock ‘n Roll