Bulletproof Stockings: “Day By Day” – The Hevria Sessions

Day by Day is a simple prayer. A moment of truth. It’s easy to fall into black and white patterns of thinking- “well if I’m not going to keep every mitzvah perfectly, why bother at all?” Day by Day is a reminder that every little bit counts. That Hashem doesn’t demand perfection from us, but He does demand that we do the best that we can.

During challenging times our best may not seem like much, however it is important to remember that Hashem values each and every mitzvah. Even when we fall, the struggle itself has value. The moments of hesitation and restraint are precious to Him.

Day by Day – Music and Lyrics by Bulletproof Stockings
Day by day
Make my way
Back to you
Back to you

Gladness, Joy
Cannot quench
A parched soul
A parched soul

Walk with me
A little while
The smallest things reveal a smile

I’ll never know
Which you hold most
Each strand is to you so close

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Through the night
Amidst the rain
You comfort me
You’ve comforted me

Cast your shadows
Up on high
And be redeemed
You will be redeemed

This final round
Too much for me
It seems to go on endlessly

And though it’s late
With every thread I do believe

I hesitated just a little bit longer this time
Every second counts in a matter of life