About Hevria

Our Mission

Hevria’s mission is to become the go-to community for Jewish and spiritual people who are “creators”.

What Is A Creator?

A creator is someone who wants to build rather than break down.  Who wants to create rather than critique.  Who wants to connect to the good rather than reject the bad.  And most importantly, a creator believes that there is something “more” to the world, in the form of G-d and/or spirituality.

Our Principles

  1. We are artists, not critics.
  2. Whatever we put out into the world, we aim that it comes from deep within our souls.
  3. We do not pursue controversy, although we are willing to stand behind controversial ideas.
  4. We aim to connect with others on a spiritual, personal level.  (as opposed to a political level)
  5. We aim that our work should be honest and truthful to who we each are.
  6. We aim for respectful discussion and to see the validity in the views of others, especially those we disagree with.
  7. We strive to create quality.  We aim to be cutting edge and increase the quality of content on the web.