Writing For Hevria

Hevria is officially open to guest posters!  That means anyone can now write for Hevria.  This is an incredibly exciting chance for us to add a whole new element to our website: that of varied perspectives outside of our little niche of regular writers.

Here are what we look for in writing from outside writers:

1. Inside-out – This is the foundation of all Hevria writing.  It has to come from deep down, from your soul, or at least your guts.  We are looking for the kind of work that’s raw and real, from deep within you even if it’s not externally about you.  (And tip: if you’re scared of writing it, it’ll probably be a good piece for Hevria.  We love brave writers.)

2. Hevrian – Although we are looking for a diversity of pieces, we also have a quite specific idea of what makes a post “Hevrian.”  In order to get an idea of what makes a post Hevrian, feel free to read the principles we lay out in our about page.

3. Unique – Ironically, although we want you to fit within our ethos, we also don’t want imitations of our own posts.  We want to have truly unique voices that fit within our site’s governing philosophy but that also represent something new, different, and exciting to our readers (and to us!).

4. Quality – Unfortunately, if your post is not up to a certain standard of writing, we will not be able to include it on our site.  To get an idea of what we consider to be “quality” (since, of course, that’s subjective), feel free to peruse our site.

To submit your piece, just email it to us along with a short bio.

And if you have an idea for a longform piece, please email us a pitch with your idea, how many words you think it will be, and how long you think it will take to write it.

Note: Many people ask us about becoming regular writers for Hevria.  We’ve officially made guest posting a prerequisite to that happening.  So if that’s something you’re interested in, first submit a guest post.  Let’s get to know each other, ya know?  One step a time, that’s the way to a healthy relationship, no?

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I submit more than one piece to Hevria at a time?

Please submit the rawest, the most eloquent, the most soulful, thing you have. If you have two things that are “the most,” please send us the one that is the most “the most.”

How long should I wait between submissions?

We think a month is a fair time to wait between our response and your next submission. This keeps our workload manageable so we don’t take forever (see below).

Can I send you something that has been published elsewhere?

Please don’t. As explained above, we are looking for writing that has been written for us, with a Hevria soul and in the Hevria style. 

Can I send you something that I’m sending to other publishers or websites?

The only thing worse than finding out an awesome piece we’ve accepted has already been published is finding out that the awesome piece we’ve accepted was submitted and accepted elsewhere first. Please don’t do this to us. Your work is too good to lose this way.


Can I be anonymous?

In very few cases, we’re okay with posting anonymously. In most, we’re not. Here’s where we explain why we want you to put your name on your piece.

How long will it take you to approve my submission for publication?

We try to answer all pitches within 2 weeks. If more than a month has passed since your submission, and it seems like we’ve totally forgotten about you, feel free to send an inquiry to editor@hevria.com. We try to respond more quickly to timely/topical submissions. If your piece is timely, please mention that in your e-mail’s subject header.

Do I get to pick the title and picture for my submission on Hevria?

We know you love your titles!  Unfortunately, the nature of the internet and social media is such that we may have to change them to better fit the medium.  We might also change a few small things to make them internet friendly, like adding paragraph breaks.  But our goal at all times is to bring out your work in the best way possible (you know, cause we love you and all that) and to keep it as close to the original as possible, just like our blog.