Readers Take Over Hevria

Dear beautiful Hevria readers,

We’re sick of it, okay?  Since when did writers get to choose what they write about, right?  This blogging craze has gone on far enough.

It’s time the people revolted.  It’s time they took control.

We have decided, in other words, to launch a new theme (you may remember our “Truth And Dare” series).  We want you to be our editors, and tell us what to write about.

That’s right, choose any topic and either make a general suggestion for all writers or assign it to a specific writer.  Feel free to suggest more than one, or a billion or whatever.  We’ll pick our favorites and then launch a poll for you to vote (if there are enough suggestions) or just assign them will-nilly.

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Feel free to comment below, on Facebook, or email us at with your ideas.

To refresh you, here are the current list of writers on Hevria:

Ahava Emunah Lange
Chaya Lester
Chaya Kurtz
David Karpel
Elad Nehorai
Elizabeth Kirshner
Matthue Roth
Rachel Kann
Rivka Nehorai
Rochel Spangenthal
Salvador Litvak
Saul Sudin
Shais Rishon
Stephanie Levine
Tzvi Kilov
Yocheved Sidof

We seriously cannot wait to hear your ideas!  And don’t worry, make ’em crazy.  Throw us off our game.

Let’s do this thing.