Sarah Tuttle-Singer Reveals Her Heart Through Her Beloved Jerusalem

By On June 12, 2018

Sarah Tuttle-Singer's book, Jerusalem Drawn And Quartered reveals a multi-faceted view of both the city and the author herself.… Read More

Girl Surrounded by Pink Smoke

Barack and I… We Inhaled

By On June 11, 2018

“I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t inhale ....” Bill Clinton "When I was a kid... I inhaled... frequently. I mean that was the… Read More

Guest Post

There Is A Difficulty: Why Must I Learn Separately From Boys Now?

By On June 11, 2018

After years of studying Talmud with the boys, going to an all-girls Madrisha didn't feel right.… Read More

Hevria News

Neshamas Change Their Perspective

By On June 8, 2018

Neshamas open up to new ways of looking at life.… Read More


Mekonenet / Mourning Woman

By On June 6, 2018

There is an oceanic pain-knowing, a tide no soul should ever be made to swim against.… Read More


How My Body Solved Questions My Mind Couldn’t Answer

By On June 6, 2018

A personal encounter into the world of somatic therapy. … Read More


Write On!: But How Do You Make a Plot?

By On June 5, 2018

Plot is taking all the things that don’t make sense about your story, and forcing them to make sense. … Read More


Mikveh And Miscarriage

By On June 4, 2018

Sometimes it is through loss that we come to discovery. … Read More

Guest Post

Television Feeds My Soul

By On June 4, 2018

When I can't find answers in the Torah, I turn to television... and find more questions.… Read More


How To Freak People Out Without Even Trying

By On June 3, 2018

A weird learning disability, odd discussion topics, and more: I freak people out.… Read More

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