HevriaCast Episode 31: Irwin Kula

By On February 4, 2018

In the latest HevriaCast episode, Irwin and Elad discuss one of the most difficult and pressing questions facing us all: how do we live lives that are creative? How do we turn… Read More

Hevria News

Neshamas Are Angry

By On February 2, 2018

Neshamas find ways to cope with their intense emotions.… Read More


How My Grandmother’s Dementia Taught Me To Remember

By On February 1, 2018

My grandmother's last message to me before she died, and the profound effect it had on me.… Read More

not everyone has a clear path

I Don’t Have A Derech, But That’s Okay Because I’m Not The Only One

By On February 1, 2018

Maybe it's OK not to fit in a box.… Read More


How To Be A Mother Artist

By On January 31, 2018

As if there's a choice. … Read More


Tu B’Shvat Double Blessing

By On January 30, 2018

If there's one thing I love, it's sweet-talking plants. Tu B'Shvat Sameach!… Read More


Sara Erenthal’s Art Is A Gift To The Community

By On January 29, 2018

Sara Erenthal's art brings joy and healing to the community.… Read More

Guest Post


By On January 29, 2018

What if the madmen and yellow stars come back?… Read More


Heroes and Villains

By On January 29, 2018

Everyone is the hero in their own story. But what about the stories other people tell?… Read More


The Joys Of Being Treated Like A Sack Of Crap

By On January 28, 2018

Bad treatment brings challenge, adventure, and humor if you open your mind.… Read More

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