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Write On!: How Do You Know You’re Doing the Right Thing?

By On February 27, 2018

How do we know that we're writing something good, and not just tossing words on a page?… Read More


Writing Wisdom: Focus and Follow Through

By On February 13, 2018

I'll try to answer a few questions about the craft of being creative. … Read More


Pray You Catch Me Falling

By On May 9, 2017

If you're a longtime Hevrianik, you might remember me writing a serial. It started with Cross-Country Lesbian Hasidic Road Trip.… Read More


Dear Mean Commenter: Yes, Your Words Hurt

By On March 19, 2015

Most bloggers try to give a face of strength and power when confronting trolls and mean comments. In this post, a blogger admits just how much these comments hurt.… Read More


Announcing A Two Week Hevria Series: “Truth And Dare”

By On March 17, 2015

Over the next two weeks, the Hevria writers have been challenged to write about the things they're most uncomfortable expressing. Welcome to "Truth And Dare".… Read More

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