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Tzovah / Templekeeper-Woman

By On July 4, 2018

I am the keeper of the house of secrets.… Read More


Shonda fur die Goyim

By On July 3, 2018

sometimes i walk down the street doing nothing but being stared at.… Read More

Guest Post

God Of The Desert

By On July 2, 2018

We walk through the desert to a God who has forgotten us.… Read More


Headaches And Headlines (A Sestina Poem)

By On June 27, 2018

Prayer, panic, and politics, in a poem.… Read More


Leitzanit / Sacred Fool-Woman

By On June 20, 2018

The thing to know is you know nothing.… Read More


Try Again

By On June 14, 2018

Create. Opportunities for yourself. Hold your foot in the door even though it’s slamming into your foot over and over again. When the door closes, Kick that wall until you break open… Read More


Mekonenet / Mourning Woman

By On June 6, 2018

There is an oceanic pain-knowing, a tide no soul should ever be made to swim against.… Read More


A Prayer Upon The Occasion Of Another Midnight-News-Check

By On May 30, 2018

A prayer for normalcy.… Read More


I Wish This Was Fake News

By On May 28, 2018

Children are being torn from the arms of their mothers.… Read More


Doreshet / Seeker-Woman

By On May 23, 2018

Your every step can’t help but grind riots of inquiry into the dusty dirt.… Read More

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