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Guest Post

Why A Jew Would Move To Mexico

By On November 5, 2018

Three poems about being Jewish in Mexico.… Read More


Yo, I’m Dissatisfied. And Scared. Please Help!

By On November 4, 2018

A poem on a Penn Station wall inspired my own poem about what I want, need, and hope for at this difficult moment.… Read More


Imperfect Acts Of Persistence

By On October 30, 2018

How can such beauty coexist with its opposite? … Read More


Oreget / Weaver-Woman

By On October 24, 2018

Imagine a web of gracious creation woven from utter destruction.… Read More


If Really You Doubt

By On October 18, 2018

An ode by a predator to his prey.… Read More

Guest Post

The Day My Inner Child Cries For My Father

By On October 15, 2018

The day I miss my father the most.… Read More


Eim / Mother

By On October 10, 2018

One last contraction, push.… Read More


After Every Winter, a Summer

By On October 9, 2018

At school's start, she was asked to bring in a plant. It was already deep October… Read More


It’s Weird To Think

By On October 7, 2018

I explore all kinds of things that are weird to think about and invite you to join me.… Read More


More Like The Big Whimper

By On October 4, 2018

We are afraid/He did it in six days.… Read More

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