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Peace Be Upon You, Traveler

By On November 16, 2017

For those who use the ATM at midnight.… Read More


Startled By Thunder

By On November 15, 2017

Inertia, self-imposed or otherwise, is among the most challenging things for a human being. We were designed to remain in motion. Even sleep is a form of movement. Resisting change however, is… Read More


6 Poems About Burnout

By On November 9, 2017

When you're too exhausted to write anything except poems about being exhausted.… Read More


Burn This

By On November 8, 2017

I am elemental-celestial, fashioned by the hands of my ancestors from their very own prayers and bones.… Read More


A Maamar I Do Not Understand

By On November 2, 2017

Words from Cheshvan.… Read More


This Poem Is Probably Better In Spanish

By On October 30, 2017

Ghost stories.… Read More


Haikus About Frum Life

By On October 25, 2017

Haiku? Shmaiku! What is this fershtunken chazarei? Stop hocking a chainik, Hevria. … Read More


The Most Unkindest Cut Of All

By On October 24, 2017

You are a violent glamour, a dagger carved from obsidian.… Read More


Haikus! Why Not? Hello Again, Fourth Grade!

By On October 22, 2017

Haikus that touch the heart of my passions and my quest for answers and fun.… Read More


WATCH: “Dancing Lesson” by Rachel Kann

By On October 11, 2017

Rachel's new RHPFF award-nominated poetry & dance video.… Read More

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