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Guest Post

The Sephardic Synagogue On Dennison Street

By On January 30, 2017

A poetic ode to a forgotten community.… Read More

Guest Post

Ode To An “Unwanted” Epidural

By On January 23, 2017

A mother's painful decision to give up on a natural, home birth, and her joy in the ultimate result.… Read More

Guest Post

My Postpartum Depression Story

By On January 17, 2017

Everyone speaks about how beautiful motherhood is. Not enough speak about the darker side. And after what happened in Israel, it's time we did.… Read More

Guest Post

My Winding Road To Observant Judaism

By On January 16, 2017

Peter Himmelman reflects on how he became an observant Jew, from his father's lymphoma diagnosis to his visits to Crown Heights.… Read More

Guest Post

I’m Not Dating

By On January 16, 2017

But I'd love to sit and drink coffee with you and hide intense emotions behind my shell and long skirt.… Read More

Guest Post

When My Son Hits Me

By On January 9, 2017

A mother's poem about her son's mental illness which, at times, leads to aggressive episodes.… Read More

Guest Post

I Am Unapologetically A Covered Woman

By On January 2, 2017

From the stories of the women of the Hebrew Bible I learned that I am not only me. I am a collection of women. Covered and free.… Read More

Guest Post

Dreaming Of Motherhood

By On December 26, 2016

A poem about the baby that never was. And the mother waiting to be a mother.… Read More

Guest Post

The G-dless Torah Jew

By On December 12, 2016

Living the life of a Torah Jew as I achingly wait to feel God in my life.… Read More

Guest Post

My Grandmother’s Secret Religion

By On December 5, 2016

My grandmother was religious. It was just that I could not see it until after she passed away.… Read More

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