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Guest Post

I Told My Religious Parents I’m Dating An Atheist. It Didn’t Go Well.

By On May 17, 2018

My parents anger about my atheist boyfriend made question everything about what I believe.… Read More

Guest Post

The Taste Of Salt

By On May 14, 2018

I think God likes the taste of salt.… Read More

Guest Post

Am I A Mystic-Rationalist-Existentialist? Or Am I Too Fond of Labels?

By On May 9, 2018

How important is it that I find the right spiritual label?… Read More

Guest Post

What I Can’t Say When People Ask If I Have Kids

By On May 7, 2018

This is what I mean when I answer, "not yet."… Read More

Guest Post

I Belong In Jerusalem

By On May 3, 2018

I swapped my house in Europe with one in Jerusalem and fell in love with the Old City.… Read More

Guest Post

What The Head Scarf Hides

By On April 30, 2018

If Sare could only find the confidence her friends all seem to possess.… Read More

Guest Post

I Want To Sit Shiva For You

By On April 25, 2018

Mourning is nasty.… Read More

Guest Post

Rabbi, Why Did You Welcome A Child Molester Into Our Shul?

By On April 23, 2018

How could you endanger my child like this? I trusted you.… Read More

Guest Post

The Tastes And Memories Of My Childhood In Post-War Soviet Ukraine

By On April 16, 2018

Memories and recipes from my childhood in the Ukraine.… Read More

Guest Post

Writing Well Means Sacrificing The Privacy Of People I Love

By On April 11, 2018

The shame of being a writer… Read More

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