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Tzvi Kilov


If God Had A Vegas Show

By On March 9, 2017

An evening of deception with the Creator of heaven and earth.… Read More


A Murder At Qumran

By On February 23, 2017

Who shot The Prophet?… Read More


A Midnight Prayer

By On February 9, 2017

Quiet words from a peaceful night.… Read More


This Is Not Art

By On January 26, 2017

This is just what I think. Gross.… Read More


Read Old Books

By On January 12, 2017

Peruse superannuated codices!… Read More


Joseph, At The End Of History

By On December 29, 2016

The mystery of a single choice.… Read More


The Jewish Courage

By On December 15, 2016

A love letter to Kislev.… Read More


A Night In Morristown

By On December 1, 2016

A story from yeshiva, based on true events.… Read More


Why Unity Is Impractical And You Can, Too

By On November 17, 2016

Truth is unity and unity, truth.… Read More


An Intervening Tragedy

By On November 3, 2016

I died in a flash of screaming light on the highway at the age of twenty-six.… Read More

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