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Stephanie Wellen Levine


Sukkot: Thoughts On A Jewish Way To Embrace (And Escape!) Nature

By On October 8, 2017

Nature is lovely as long as it's not too nature-y. Sukkot seems in harmony with that notion.… Read More


Let This Be The Year!

By On September 24, 2017

Let's make this year usher in a fabulous new era of the mind, the soul, and the world.… Read More


Why I Share My Posts And Stalk Them All Over Facebook

By On September 10, 2017

When I publish a post, I have an adventure, a game, and an OCD wonderland.… Read More


Notes From A Stark Raving Lunatic

By On August 27, 2017

A poem about crazy glimpses of alternate realities, and my desire to reach beyond my world, into something new.… Read More


Stuff I Hate (Sharing Negativity Is Gloriously Spiritual!)

By On August 13, 2017

Learn why sharing what we hate is spiritual... and funny.… Read More


Buddhism: Oy Vey (Except For That One Time)

By On July 23, 2017

Impermanence, no self, non-attachment: no, thanks.… Read More


Fireworks: Even Better Than Licking A Painting At The Museum

By On July 16, 2017

So many common pleasures and interests alienate me, but I love fireworks.… Read More


I Would Prefer Not To: My Buddy Bartleby The Scrivener

By On July 2, 2017

To so many common expectations, I say: "I would prefer not to."… Read More


Time For Us All To Break Out

By On June 18, 2017

Can seemingly small pleasures and appreciation of daily life foster great insight? … Read More

Long Read

Weird Non-Friendships Mean Something Too

By On June 4, 2017

A story about adult bullying, a hilarious form of revenge, and a kind of epiphany.… Read More

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