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Stephanie Wellen Levine


No Truth, Different Minds, Many Worlds

By On May 7, 2017

This poem explores the wonders, dangers, and challenges of so many mental and emotional universes coexisting in our world.… Read More


Wrestling With Time: A Chilling Challenge That Could Be Beautiful

By On April 23, 2017

The passage of time is horrifying to face and acknowledge. But can it lead to something beautiful?… Read More


Can I Reject Rejection?

By On April 9, 2017

I don't learn or grow from rejection. Can I reject rejection entirely? Do I want to?… Read More


Magic, Please, Please, Please Return To My Life

By On March 26, 2017

Life used to seem magical. I'd succeed against the odds and even against the facts. Can I regain some of that power?… Read More


Is Life Bounteous Like The Medium Said?

By On March 12, 2017

So often, the world is far from bounteous, but, when I changed my behavior, I felt something beautiful.… Read More


The Fatties And Thinnies Game (Jews, Non-Jews, And Belonging Somewhere)

By On February 26, 2017

The game made us laugh, debate, and venture into un-PC territory. It also showed me that I did have a community.… Read More


A Kind Of Hopeful Poem For Kind Of Scary Times

By On February 12, 2017

Life has always been brutal and unfair, and we have always survived and even thrived. That won't change now.… Read More


Possible, Crazy, Mind-Bending Realities

By On January 29, 2017

Open your mind, and possibilities that once seemed inconceivable emerge. It's a wild, soul-bending adventure.… Read More


A Letter To Death: My Worst Enemy And Possible Friend

By On January 15, 2017

Death, you are my hugest fear, but also a sneaky beam of brilliant hope for transcendence.… Read More


It Is 2017. But What Is “It”?

By On January 1, 2017

We're always talking about "it." It is glorious outside. It is a shame. But what IS this "it"?… Read More

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