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Peter Himmelman


Sh*t I Believe

By On April 20, 2017

I want to pass along some answers to what I believe are a few of life’s most pressing questions. I hope they help make your life better than it already is. … Read More


The Things That Matter Most (My Pre-Passover Tune-Up)

By On April 6, 2017

Why I break out of my routine every year to immerse myself in the stories and wisdom of the people who have sacrificed for our country.… Read More


The Piety Test

By On March 23, 2017

Everyone's heard about the assumed advantages of living a religious lifestyle. Following my native contrarian tendencies, this piece is a reflection on the pitfalls of being a "religious" person.… Read More

Guest Post

My Winding Road To Observant Judaism

By On January 16, 2017

Peter Himmelman reflects on how he became an observant Jew, from his father's lymphoma diagnosis to his visits to Crown Heights.… Read More

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