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Elad Nehorai


Against Perfectionist Judaism

By On November 8, 2018

I had to fight against perfectionism to find myself as a writer. And now, I'm learning how many of those lessons apply to my life as a Jew.… Read More


Why I Stayed Orthodox

By On October 11, 2018

When I lost faith in the rabbi that convinced me to be orthodox, one would have expected me to give up on orthodoxy altogether. Here's why I stayed committed.… Read More


Failing My Way To Leadership

By On September 27, 2018

I did everything wrong. And yet somehow, I keep trying to lead. Here is why.… Read More


The Neighborhood Kvetch

By On September 4, 2018

The town was finally sick of the constant complaining. And this time, the rabbi was on their side.… Read More


Why Jewish Artists Will Continue To Be Rebels

By On August 16, 2018

It seems that so many of us public Jewish figures turn on our communities. Here's why it will keep happening, and why it might be a good thing.… Read More


What Going To A Movie Taught Me About Community

By On June 21, 2018

I went to see a movie that only a few loved, but those few loved with all their hearts. And that, in a nutshell, is what a community is.… Read More


We Must Stop Expecting Jewish Artists To Be Tzadikim

By On May 10, 2018

When we expect Jewish artists to be tzadikim, we stop religious art from flourishing.… Read More


It’s All Virtual Here

By On April 26, 2018

I see something that angers me. I yell. But it’s a virtual yell. And so when I yell, and I empty my lungs with all the rage in me, nothing actually happens.… Read More


When Yeshiva Is Too Perfect

By On April 12, 2018

On the pain of leaving yeshiva, and the tools baalei teshuva need to enter Jewish society healthily and productively.… Read More


How My Grandmother’s Dementia Taught Me To Remember

By On February 1, 2018

My grandmother's last message to me before she died, and the profound effect it had on me.… Read More

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