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David Karpel



By On September 15, 2016

And you know that the secret ingredient is the refinement of your soul found in the knowing that all of this won’t last. … Read More


I Want To Join The Hevra Kadisha

By On September 1, 2016

... to be in the room, your last room… Read More


God’s Stenographer

By On August 18, 2016

But who are you? What brings you here? Are you not one of the litigants? Who are you to judge the worthiness of a soul?… Read More


White Belt Attitude: The Forever Apprentice

By On July 21, 2016

This is so in any endeavor. No matter what knowledge we come prepared with, we must be able to give in such a way that to receive is an integral aspect of… Read More


Cracking Nuts With Kafka: Being Inspired By Baalei Teshuva

By On July 7, 2016

Suddenly, no other words on the page mattered. I saw in these words such simple power, such truth, that I couldn’t ignore it. I saw there, too, a poem.… Read More


Light That Shines, Light That Burns

By On June 23, 2016

A poem about a runaway child. … Read More


The Art Of Being A Frum Girl

By On May 26, 2016

About those Beis Yaakov girls...… Read More


Rough Draft

By On May 12, 2016

A poem about being a work in progress. … Read More


Falling Up Face First: What I Learned From Being Pushed Down By G!d

By On April 28, 2016

When I fell, something clicked. Something ancient. Something new, too. The embracing of the choice to see things that happen as meaningful, as a reality transcending the ordinary, the coincidence, the happenstance. … Read More



By On March 31, 2016

An impossible dreamsong of childhood, of escape, of anything being possible.… Read More

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