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David Karpel


Symbolism Crumbles Under The Weight Of Disillusionment

By On February 20, 2017

I remember the light most of all.… Read More


Empty Stoops

By On February 6, 2017

And he aches for them, his children, as his mind fills with them… Read More


Cartoon Metaphysics: The Trickster, The Teacher, & The Eternal Struggler

By On January 23, 2017

Not so looney lessons worth more than peanuts.… Read More


Of Heroes, Monsters, And Epic Journeys

By On January 9, 2017

Once a parent, everything, everything, is being a parent. … Read More


Making Latkes Forever

By On December 26, 2016

We need a sense of history so deep it’s more like memory. … Read More


Book Review: Two Worlds Exist

By On December 8, 2016

November’s poems, simply put, are beautiful in their provocation. Like the best poetry, they force us to look anew, to reconsider perspective, to reshape our own vision, if only for the time… Read More


Off The Top Of Your Head

By On November 10, 2016

The politics of language determines how little we know in contrast to how much we think we know. … Read More


The Afterparty

By On October 27, 2016

It’s the last day before the rest of our lives and there’s no one else for us but each other.… Read More


Hurricane Matthew And The Days Of Awe

By On October 13, 2016

We just came through Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur’s around the corner. And I can’t stop thinking of death approaching on the roaring winds of this ruthless and deadly storm.… Read More


Between Counting and Waiting: The Night We Reunite

By On September 29, 2016

After niddah, there is a new counting, and waiting, and the moment of reuniting. … Read More

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